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an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

once more unto the breach

i love it when a show comes together. its the most amazing buzz, from the first time the script is in your hands, to when you watch your cast taking bow after bow. ask any theatre company in the city and they’ll tell you that like love, the course of play production never runs smooth. my shows are no different. in fact they’re probably more chaotic than most because we’re poor and there’s only 3 of us. on top of which, i am an absolute control freak on production work. but we always find a way, and thats the beauty of it, everything will be cool. will work itself out. is alright on the night. thats the magic of theatre. and its when, despite everything, i feel happiest.

so i’m going to be telling you about my latest show, which is a kind of experiment for us… which is apt, ‘cos we call ourselves an experimental theatre company. we’re doing a play-reading of ‘in camera/ no exit’ by jean paul sartre. a play reading is basically when actors sit and read off the script for an audience. which can be a tad boring. so what we’re doing instead is having the actors move and emote as they would usually, but also use scripts throughout the play. some parts would have to be memorised of course, but in addition to getting the actors to perform the way they would usualyy, we’re also having set, costumes, lights, sound and all the usual elements of a play.

i decided to do a play-reading for several reasons. the main one being that nimmi harasgama and i are finally working on a show together – something we’ve both been threatening to do for years. she’s off overseas in june and i want to do something before she goes. also, reading means a shorter rehearsal period, which is good for me ‘cos if this works, i want to do several more this year. also, in true ‘fringe’ tradition, we never get sponsors, so we can never afford long periods of rehearsal.

also, i absolutely love this play. its about hell and bad people. and its quite sexy. i read it when i was 15, and have longed to do a full-length production for years. its only when talking to anushka pereira a few days ago that i remembered it.

she said ‘lets do something’

i said ‘ok’

and thats how production work started. its quite simple when you have nothing to lose : ) so i have nimmi and anushka, thats 2/3. i’m looking for a man now, and have sent out feelers to a few good men. any suggestions as to who you’d like to see with these two supercool actors? want to audition? : ) you know how to get in touch.

stay tuned, happy chappies.



  Palmyrah wrote @

Good luck with the rehearsals. I was a bit astonished when you asked me the other day, “what’s Steve done?” A good person to answer the question would be Nimmi.

By the way, kudos for accurately quoting Shakespeare. Most people say “into the breach”, which sounds as if it makes sense until you read the line in context.

  daytripper wrote @

ah well, i do know my shakespeare, innit.

  Sophist wrote @

Actually…I don’t think you can be a director of any merit without being an absolute control freak. But what I like about you is that you know when to let things slide and not fret. Not many can do that – especially not females. Is good.

But I think next time you should make an effort to notice if your lead is not talking to you….heh heh heh.

  daytripper wrote @

what if i said, i noticed but ignored it? heh heh heh.

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