mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

essentially existential

jean paul sartre is probably the guy who’s most responsible for dramatic existentialism.

philosophers had been there and already thought that, before he came along. but he gave it a darkness. ‘in camera’ is charged with all sorts of undercurrents, some of which can’t be articulated through the script.

3 people bouncing off each other, ending up with no amount of hurt, living together and torturing each other for all eternity.

what absolute hell.

which is prerty much where they are. in hell. which turns out not to be a place, but other people.

sartre says we can never be free until we understand freedom means being responsible for everything.

‘in camera’ was written in the 1940s (’44 i think), so the language and the characters could seem outdated and stereotypical if one is not clever in handling it to suit contemporary society. at least, thats how i see it. so i’ll be editing and doing my usual number on it. which is to make sure it works.

what intrigues me is the technique by which we will incorporate the scripts into the performance. i would like it to be seamless. i would like you forget the books are even there. and to make sure my actors do that – which they will. i know them both to be fine, strong actors.

what i need is a man. the role of garcin is that of a romantic. but rugged in a lean journalisty kind of way. i am looking for that man.



  deshan wrote @

mama thamai that man.

  sittingnut wrote @

great choice with the play. best wishes.

  Sophist wrote @

Considering your casting…you might want to cross out lean…heh heh.

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