mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

meet the cast

wow. that was quick even by my standards. i’ve managed to cast ‘in camera’ in just under a week.

in order of appearance, they are –

valet – jehan mendis

garcin – ryan holsinger

ines – anushka pereira

estelle – nimmi harasgama

i’ll be telling you a bit about them, and putting up pictures as well. they are all well known actors in colombo, with the exception of jehan, who hasn’t been on stage since his days at st.thomas’. i’m putting up a picture of nimmi in a bit, so check it out.



  pradeep wrote @

hey tracy!

it was nice to meetup at the kottu thing. i’d read this write up about the play, and also nimmi. who i know 🙂 i look forward to the write up about jehan, if thats coming up.
what a cool cast! i’m looking forward to it — hope i can review it or some thing when I do see it.
take care,


  daytripper wrote @

hi pradeep, thanks for visiting : )

was likewise happy to meet you at the gathering. do think about reviewing it, i find it so sad that no one does so.

  ryan wrote @

Where is the pic of nooshka. Com’ on
hurry up
quick, quick.

  daytripper wrote @

i say, don’t be ordering the director about…she’ll have to beat you. with a big stick. andno one can save you, except for a princess on a scooty pep. the picture of nooshka is coming.

  sala wrote @

Hey tracey………….. the play sounds awesome can’t wait to c it!!!! by the by anymore pics of nimmi coming up???……………. i’m a HUGE fan.. loved her in ruwanthis’ play where sophist played himself he he!! ….


  daytripper wrote @

hi sala, yeah she’s fab! i’m putting up a picture in a bit.

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