mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

nimmi harasgama – ‘estelle’

nimmi harasgama
i first met nimmi when i was 17, at an audition for ‘steel magnolias’, which jeritsa mccarter was planning on staging sometime that year (1991). i don’t know what happened to the production because soon after i got involved in my school’s production of ‘cats’.

i met nimmi again in 1993 at goldsmiths college in london. she was a year ahead of me on the same course which was a b.a. in drama and theatre arts. we then proceeded to get severly smashed at several parties, nightclubs and bars over the next couple of years, and she has spent many nights (technically, early mornings i guess) curled up on my bedroom floor.

she has a truly frightening intensity of emotional power on stage. and that is a compliment. it is difficult for a performer to consistently give so much, but she makes it look easy. i have great admiration for her talent. we saw each other’s shows in college, and i even crewed on one of her independent productions, which was ‘slag’ by david hare. i loved the script so much, that when choosing a play with which to launch my own theatre company ‘mind adventures’ in 1999, i had no hesitation in deciding to do it. that discovery i owe to her.

she’s done many things over the years, both here and in england. she’s worked in tv, theatre, film and now owns well red ink, which is a publishing house.

just last year she won a best actress award at the spanish film festival for the movie ‘ira madiyama’ in which she played one of the leading roles. i am a bit ignorant about this whole thing, because (shockingly) i haven’t yet seen the movie (was very pregnant and demotivated when it came out).

anyway, she is hugely gifted and absolutely gorgeous (although she has a tendency to say ‘thoo thoo thoo’ a lot : ) )


  indi wrote @

Holy sheet she’s hot. The full size image is here

Just FYI, in WordPress, once you upload the image click on it. You’ll see the status of the image, either ‘Using Thumbnail’ or ‘Using Original’. If you set that to ‘Using Original’ it’ll display the full size.

Also, you can select ‘Linked’ or not, that means people could click the thumb and see the whole image.

  naz wrote @

great, great picture, Nimmi.
where was it taken? looks like london.

  Sophist wrote @

Yep looks like a dodgy house in Shepherd’s Bush or summat. Certainly not the posh Marble Arch joint she was staying in. But yes she is fabulous. Played the most emotionally draining character of my life with her and couldn’t have done it if she wasn’t so goddam good. Still rank that as my best experience…you were there Trace.

I think she’s the best actress we have without compare now that Holsinghe is convalescing from serial pregnancies. No disrespect to anyone else.

To those who don’t know her she looks like this ice queen hottie actress unapproachable bird. But she is truly a nutcase. I still love you Nimmi – hot models or no.

  daytripper wrote @

thank you for the compliment ,sophist, but i caqnnot believe after so many years of friendhsip that you still can’t spell my surname : )

  Sophist wrote @

For god’s sake woman. You can’t seriously believe that I could misspell Holsinger. This is a Sinhalisation of your name, given now that you are a member of the ultra hardcore band of Tennakoons.

  deshan wrote @

Which you have also misspelled: Tennekoon – two e’s.

or pot, or whatever you’ve got.

  daytripper » enhanced mammary wrote @

[…] Another one of masii's poems, which will be performed at barefooot on may 18 & 19. nimmi is doing this one. […]

  nilanka wrote @

true sri lanka colour! U inspired me to start on a hobby;charcol portraits 2 years back. guess what, its going on well so THANK U!

  kenny wrote @

true sri lanka colour! U inspired me to start on a hobby;charcol portraits 2 years back. guess what, its going on well so THANK U!

  Love Her wrote @

I really really love this woman, I wish if I could be her lover. I’m insane I know. She’s really sexy, I feel like making love to her. I’m really sorry if I’m talking filth. I wish that she’s the same warm character in her real life. Who ever is married to her or her lover is a blessed person.

  Arosha wrote @

hey,nimmi is so gr8.she is awsome.im her big fan….
she is the best actress i have seen…
i have watched her every single steps when shes acting
and shes doing it very well than the others…
i like her style too….
the way she act and of course the movies shes acting…
i think her style is unique..thats why i love her a lot…
any ways this is a nice pic…. 🙂

  Chameen wrote @

She’s gorgeous,excellent talents,sooooo pretty
i’v no more words

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