mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

jehan mendis – the valet


Jehan says his claim to fame is having co-written ‘uber sausage’ a revue that he and friends from warwick university devised and performed at the canal cafe theatre in london, AND the edinburgh fringe festival in 1999. they became known as the ‘uber-sausage’ troupe, and had the unique pleasure of being interviewed by ali g. respec’ mun.


during his A level years at CIS, Jehan played uber-mean-guy salieri, in the school production of ‘amadeus’ 1997. while at STC, he took part in ‘playing doctor’and the customary shakespeare drama comp, both directed by vinodh senadeera. he also performed in ‘gang show’ productions which included the likes of delon weerasinghe and shanaka amarasinghe.

here’s what jehan has to say about himself:

I was born at St. Michael’s Nursing Home in Colpetty, on the threshold of the 1980s, to middle class accountants who have little in common except honesty and a love of courtroom dramas. A few years later, they found a dirty baby girl in a ditch in Mattakkuliya and decided that it would be easier to adopt her instead of giving me a real sister.

Clearly, this was not a good time for me.

A few months later, war erupted in the North and East, and I was destined to grow up in a country of mediocre economic growth, women with hairy armpits, and buses with no air-conditioning.

I developed a sense of humour as a coping mechanism and now I sell noodles for a living. In my leisure time, I write for the Leisure Times in a desperate attempt to stay sane.

I don’t think it’s working



  Sophist wrote @

Superb. Unfortunately Jihad Mendez (as he is fondly known), has left out the hilarious incident during the production of “Playing Doctor”, where, in front of a packed Ladies College Hall, his character jumps out of a closet (literally not metaphorically) regaled in Superman costume. Those of you unfamiliar with a Superman costume should be informed that it is a figure hugging blue lycra type thing with red underpants worn atop the trousers.

Jehan was much thinner at the time. In fact no – he was just thin. And seeing him in a Superman costume was not inconceivable to those who knew him then. Anyhooo – he jumps out to the surprise of the audience, and to the surprise of the cast he has a semi, which due to the tightness of the suit has been constricted into a 90 degree angle pointing in the direction of stage left.

The initial laughter at the comic timing of his entrance was immediately drowned by more raucous, hysterical laughter upon realisation of Mendoza’s pointing device. His embarrassed and bewildered look down at the offending appendage followed by his embarrassed and sheepsih unscripted look at the cast members didn’t help matters.

  fluer wrote @


Pouvez vous me donner votre email, or m’envoyer un message alors que je peux vous conatcter directement? I suis vraiment heareause de vous donner quelques idees. Merci!

Bon Courage!

Fluer Paris

  Ravana wrote @

Which means “hello. Can you give me your email or send me a message so that I can contact you directly. I would be very happy to give you several ideas. Thank you! Good luck!”

  Dirty Baby Girl wrote @

Did u think u could get away with writing about your sister like that u … (I’d call u a bastard right now but I don’t want to insult Mama and Thaaththi )
……. bleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

– From the little dirty baby girl found in Mattakkuliya

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