mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

ryan holsinger – ‘garcin’


From cross-dresser to wife-killer, and a few other oddities in between, this man has proved time and again that he ain’t just another pretty face.

Ryan has worked with most of the major theatre directors in the country from Jerome L. De Silva (Royal Hunt of The Sun), to various Indu Dharmasena productions, to Feroze Kamardeen (Elizabeth, Almost By Chance A Woman) and also..er…myself (3 Star K). Most of his experience however, is with Ruwanthie de Chickera’s ‘Stages’ theatre company. With them, he has toured England (Manchester) and many parts of India, performing at many theatre festivals and conferences.

he has also travelled all over the country doing drama workshops for young people, and having the most amazing adventures.

he is also a magic fingered massage-meister. legendary for his prowess infact.


Ryan is a copywriter by profession, and has most recently returned from some tourism thing in Berlin, where the stall he was meant to be overseeing fell down several times. giving up in despair, there was nothing else for it but to flee to Amsterdam where he absorbed lots of Van Gogh and Rembrandt (amongst other things…)


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  daytripper » menage a trois wrote @

[…] so then, because theatre is what provides that delicate balance between sanity and madness in my life, and i must always 'be up and doing', i turned to masii's poetry which i've told you about already, and started producing that. its 18 – 20 may at barefoot. going along really well, btw, and i'm putting up 'fashion tv' now, which is going to be performed by ryan and anushka. […]

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