mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

anushka pereira – ‘inez’

her tongue whips and lashes, her looks really can kill (and the character is kinda hardcore too!)


if you want to know how we met, check out my fefu link. she was part of that cast too. if you want to know what i think of her as an actor, read on.
anushka has a stillness in her that is very compelling. her stage presence is very strong, and that is always the sign of a good performer. one who doesn’t have to overtly strive for such attention. even when she’s quiet, you never forget that she’s there. yet she is capable of such emotion which, though contained, leave you in no doubt of her sincerity.

it is that stillness which i will balance as a foil against nimmi’s fire and ryan’s liquidity. i hope thats understandable. i’m not the best descriptive writer. i’ll explain more later.

anushka has previously played lead roles in ‘art’ by yasmin reza, which was directed by feroze kamardeen and sponsored by jith peris’ ‘creative arts foundation’ – that was either ’99 or 2000. i think. anyway, then she was in ‘merry regiment’ with us in 2002. but she has the unique distinction of playing ‘kalani’ in jehan aloysius’ ‘ritual’. this play is probably the most performed original english play over the last 4 years, and anushka is the only one who has been there from inception.

i played her evil mother-in-law for two years, and we toured the country, and went to india as well, and performed at a festival there, which featured indian and sri lankan playwrights who were published by samuel french. we met some excellent theatre people in bangalore. anyway, i had to stop once i got pregnant, but the ritual has since taken anushka on stage again in colombo and also, which is extremely cool – in jaffna. a play about sinhalese dowry burning people, performed in english to a predominantly tamil audience. what are the odds, eh? and they loved it.




  Electra wrote @

lovely, lovely picture of the nooshka.

  daytripper » menage a trois wrote @

[…] so then, because theatre is what provides that delicate balance between sanity and madness in my life, and i must always 'be up and doing', i turned to masii's poetry which i've told you about already, and started producing that. its 18 – 20 may at barefoot. going along really well, btw, and i'm putting up 'fashion tv' now, which is going to be performed by ryan and anushka. […]

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