mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

could she make your life a living hell?


like i said. this play is about bad people. but how can you tell? and who decides?

there are two kinds of existentialism. religious and atheist. sartre puts the ‘a’ into atheism.

he would have you believe there is no god. there is no devil. hell is not a place full of wracks and torture. therefore man is free to do as he pleases. only, man must realise that everything he does will have repercussions – on other people. and so you cannot be free until you accept that you are responsible – for everything.

the final judgement is not delievered upon you by an all-powerful immortal, but by your peers. and you must live with what you’ve done, knowing full well that everyone else knows too. there are no illusions. nowhere to hide. you are naked in plain sight, and everyone knows your dirty little secrets. they have seen your base nature, and you have seen theirs.

there’s no way out. no exit. you’re doomed to eternity with people who will be a constant torment to you, and you to them.

hell is not a place. it’s…other people.




  sittingnut wrote @

nice summary of sartre :-).

  Sophist wrote @

In that case you’ve got your casting spot on….hee hee.

  daytripper wrote @

thank you. i like to think i have a talent for it : ) how do you do that emoticon thingy?

  Electra wrote @

Tracy, don’t use a space between the eyes and mouth… like 🙂 so. see?

lovely lovely photo of the nimmi, this one, also lovely lovely photo of the nooshka in the earlier post.

  Electra wrote @

oh…i see i already made that comment about the nooshka photo in the earlier post. my bad.

  marijuana wrote @


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