mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

‘blows your mind tactic’lly fantastic’lly’

one of the coolest things in my experience of mind adventures productions, is finding the right sound. i’ve always been heavily involved in the process, though it is tareeq who has always had the ultimate say. i love music, and i listen to all kinds from pachelbel to the prodigy.

when a production begins, music is already buzzing in my head, and i sift and sort and flirt and fling out loads of potential material before i even start to talk to tareeq about what i want. tareeq and i are both dj’s. well, i should say i’m a radio jock (was a radio jock), which means i’m not a real dj. he’s a proper dj, and the most technically talented in my opinion.his studio makes me giddy. beautifully preserved vinyls, stacks and stacks and stacks. i love going through them, trying this and that, as we chat about how the sound is going to tie everything up. its a coffee and cigarettes session and goes on for days sometimes. and its always worth it.

he’s meticulous. i remember whole scenes in ‘virgo intacta’ having subliminal music. i remember sitting up late into the night while he perfected a cue. being the director means you’re always the last to sleep : )

he’s hilarious, and is usually the ones who chills everyone else out. by the time a show is over, and we’re falling over at the cast party, many people are calling him ‘darling’ or ‘baby’. we’ve usually developed some kind of coded sound language by the end of a show too. during the dress rehearsal for ‘death and the maiden’, i remember him coming onstage and saying ‘ ok, then i’ll change the sss to 5 and the erkl to ten and then slam the shwang in there’ and no one understood what the hell we were talking about. that happened on 3 star k too – piyumi still jokes about it.

one of the best finds in my mind was coming across what i consider to be our theme tune. when looking for music for ‘ubu rex’ i happened to be listening to the prodigy’s ‘fat of the land’, and track 11 (or 13) is ‘diesel power’. as i was listening, the words of the bridge caught my attention. ‘blows your mind tactically fantastically. mind adventure.’ i gave it to tareeq the next day, and he came up with an edited mix which i think really energised my cast and i before we performed. it certainly gave me a huge adrenalin kick. which was great cos ‘ubu rex’ was pure physical theatre (2 hours of constant mime and movement, including battles, murders, you name it) – and we’d all be drained at the end.

the words also mean a lot to me because that has always been the aim of mind adventures as a theatre company. we have chosen to stay on the fringe, doing plays that would otherwise never be done. voicing concerns that usually don’t get heard. refusing to ‘dumb down’ our audience. it pisses me off when people say audiences just want to be entertained. entertainment should not be confused with amusement. theatre is meant to entertain, to encourage you to entertain different ideas and perpectives on how things are. an audience is always ready, they just don’t know it till they’ve seen it.

the amount of people we’ve had coming backstage after plays like ‘death and the maiden’ or ‘fefu and her friends’ is enough to encourage us that one day we will be able to take something to the mainstream that won’t be unwelcome.

until then, we keep the faith (mainly at barefoot) to blow your mind. tactically. and fantastically. everything is planned, nothing happens without reason. and its all cooked up to frack with your head.



  Electra wrote @

fefu and her friends was amazing, and mind adventures should definitely keep adventuring.

  Sophist wrote @

You can’t believe how sorry I was at missign ‘Fefu’…after previewing it also. You still haven’t given me the program woman.

I remember the Ubu track. That was bloody good shit no? Is Tareeq back in action? Pschittabugger and buggeraschit.

  daytripper wrote @

… or in the immortal words of dechen dolkar – ‘parft’ and ‘pisht’. lol.

  shokhin wrote @

trace, check your gmail (might have been sent to your spam) I sent you some muzik. Ru.

  daytripper wrote @

hi, thanks sweetie but checked and nothing from you.

  Sophist wrote @

Whatever happened to that Tibetan Marine Rodeo Bronco….she used to hog the umbalakada sambol man – that shit is not on.

  daytripper wrote @

hmmm. i must set the record straight here. the tibetan with a penchant for umbalakada that sophist refers to is dechen dolkar. she was going to pay the character i ended up playing in 'ubu rex'. she was a model (probably still is) with no previous acting experience. a bit flaky and eccentric but harmless. as luck would have it, she had to leave the country and so left the cast. she managed to incur the ire and extreme wrath of the sophist, who was in the title role. he proceeded to be not very nice to her at all. for which i had to scold him. after which he stopped talking to me. it was the hardest play i've ever directed, but to this day, my favourite 'mind adventures' production.

  Sophist wrote @

I was not nice to her because she stole the umbalakada sambol. Besides you playing the part sorted life out. My indignation was righteous and you got all directorial on my ass. Poor me.

  marijuana wrote @

hey do you guys need anyone for backstage shit!!!! let me know…………. love the stage man!! tripper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Gay Ray wrote @

If Tracy needs anyone AS a backstage shit I’m sure she’ll let you know.

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