mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

saucy haiku

i have now run out of things to tell you about 'in camera' for a while. the cast is chosen, the venue is barefoot, and the dates are around 17 – 20 may. it's a play reading, please to remember. we've met up and had our initial reading, but things are at a halt now while akhry works out our non-existent budget details. also, nimmi is out of the country.

in the meantime, if you can tear yourself away from the shennanigans of our resident farty farterssen, you might like to try some of this.

haiku is traditional japanese poetry and has long been a wee hobby of mine.

here's one i made earlier 🙂

he sucked her toes and

called them cherries

she grew roots and said

climb higher

 …er, yes, not your traditional haiku at all but then again, experimeting is the key to having a lot more fun.



  sittingnut wrote @

friday night–
a blog with a haiku

  Mahangu wrote @


five seven and five
syllables put together
is traditional

  sittingnut wrote @

looking forward to your haiku post. i might learn something 🙂

  daytripper wrote @

and you have to mention Nature in some way…you know, weather, harvest, whatever…

  Mahangu wrote @

Uh, subject matter doesn’t really matter, does it? Perhaps the old haikus happened to be centered around these themes. It’s not a necessity though. The 5-7-5 and title rule is the only standard. 🙂

  drac wrote @

If you don’t feel upto writing one yourself:

Haiku generator for inspiration

  sittingnut wrote @

so there is a standard? 🙂

sweltering april
sheep jumping five seven five
sleepily to bed

  daytripper wrote @

i like that. and mahangu, yes it is part of older haiku tradition, but i guess you can leave it out. it's half the fun though. 

  Wala wrote @

Coruscating Galle
it’s never been so damn hot
beautiful fort though

  Gay Ray wrote @

Intelligence is
an aphrodisiac, no?
She did not think so.

Trace – loved yours. Sittingnut – pretty good, as well.

  daytripper wrote @

cheers gay ray, which reminds me, here's a place you might be interested in. http://www.gayandlesbiankingdom.com/

its superb!

nice one wala.

  Gay Ray wrote @

Seafood made me sick,
My stomach does not feel right,
Oh, diarrhoea.

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