mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

change of plan

i hate it when a plan doesn’t come together. i usually stick to my guns and forge ahead, regardless – and always manage to make it work. there is no ‘what if’ in these situations in terms of uncertainty. however, now i be singing a different tune, man.

I’ve had to postpone ‘In Camera’. It makes my gut churn a little,just typing those words. I’ve never put anything on hold before.

before i had two children, that is.

whose combined ages don’t even add up to two years yet.

and whose nanny has been gone for almost two weeks now.

and won’t be back until next week. (I talk to the Lord a lot. Jesus, please emake her come back soon?)

yeah, so i’ve had to admit to myself that i can’t handle the pressure of a play on top of looking after my two babies all day – which sucks.

However, there is always hope. (yer yer yer yer. correc correc correc, as my friend gish says)

In december last year, I did a very small show at the british council. it was actually part of a very publicised on-going event of theirs called ‘book buzz’. the show was called ‘looking through my earphones’. essentially 3 radio-friendly free verse pieces written by my good friend masii, which i directed as performance poetry. the british council review incidentally, has masii down as director, and not me. anyway, i think it went down pretty well.

the upshot is that we’ve been asked to do it again in colombo, and also to take it to kandy, which i would love to do. naz and dom saw it, and were very supportive too, and we talked about doing it at barefoot as well sometime this year.

so, i’m leaving sartre for latre. and doing ‘looking through my earphones’, because most of the show is already there. i’m going to add bits on, ‘cos masii has already written a few new pieces that i’m going to work on, and of course the cast of ‘in camera’ will be in it, so we all have something creative to get our teeth into in time for may, but will half the stress.

I’m going to tell you more about the 3 main pieces ‘looking through my earphones’, ‘fashion tv’ and ‘man on the run’ over the next few days, and also tell you something about masii and the other performers, who include sean amarasekera, nuzreth jaladeen, maneesha fonseka, yohan ferreira and a few more.

so all is not totally lost.

phew : )



  sala wrote @

hey no worries mate. missed earphones the first time around but it will be excelent to watch it. always loved ur stuff……………. specially ubu!!!


  SweetIdiot wrote @

I’ll look after the babies…NO PROBLEMO! 🙂

  indi wrote @

Look forward to the Earphones bit, and best of luck with the babies. I emailed Desh if I could help and I’m pretty sure he laughed at me.

  Sophist wrote @

Hope you make the changes for the FTV piece in the middle we chatted about. Can’t for the life of me remember what they were though.

  daytripper » menage a trois wrote @

[…] so then, because theatre is what provides that delicate balance between sanity and madness in my life, and i must always 'be up and doing', i turned to masii's poetry which i've told you about already, and started producing that. its 18 – 20 may at barefoot. going along really well, btw, and i'm putting up 'fashion tv' now, which is going to be performed by ryan and anushka. […]

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