mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

masii’s ‘fashion tv’

Hello its me, we met on Fashion TV. I am the gnawing doubt that ate up your date, I am the growing fear that won’t go away, I am the double edged pun always on the run.

So how did you enjoy the show? Did you cheer, when the hemline rose? Did you see how the mascara flowed? Did you cry when it was time to go?


I called to say it ain’t the end of the night. We are having a show for the benefit of Mr Kite. He passed away but that’s alright. It will be just you and me under the limelight.


Oh I just love your moves, like an unicorn on heroin and two hooves. Like a cat burglar at Christmas who leaves no clues! Like a sinner at sunset singing the blues.


So have you ever lived that beat up blues, when you have nothing to offer and nothing to lose? When the only friend you have is a cynical Muse?

Have you ever lived that battered beat up blues?


Do you know who I am? I am a fast talking Rapsta without any hope. I am a slow burning Rizla in search of a roach. I am a highway gangsta awaiting your coach. I am a mean eyed munster who knows no reproach. I am a stolen S.U.V. heading right to your porch.


Am I getting through to you? Do you hear the sun sinking without a trace? Can you see through the shadows, can you see my face? Do you know how much I want you – to debase?


No there is no where for you to hide. You decide. You could run or in a castle reside. Have a gun against your head or cocaine in bed. Be shot in plain sight or sip champagne by my side. You decide.


What’s it going to be? A bed full of lead or can we act like newly weds? Can we skip the ceremony and cut to the honeymoon instead? Take your time. Think about what I am saying. Do you wanna life of regret or can I something more stimulating suggest?


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  Mr. Evil wrote @

Interesting.. and quite the creative bunch of words put together to hold a reader till the end i must say 🙂 was amused throughout.. and definitely became a fan of your cool words 🙂

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