mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

masii’s ‘man on the run’

We interrupt this programme to bring you news of a Man on the Run. He has a record of man slaughter and stealing his best friend’s daughter.


We repeat, he is a Man on the Run. He’s got a grouse, he’s got a gun and he is out there looking for some fun.

Do not let him into your home, he can be charming and chivalrous and talk up a tome.


If you have any information that could lead to his capture, call now and save some family from fracture.


More news on the Man on the Run. The authorities are offering a fat reward, a princely sum plus duty free cars to see him back behind bars. In his pocket you will find to hell, a backstage pass and in his eyes you will see his multiple scars. He has a tattoo which reads “life is a farce” another which says “I survived SARS”.


And now for an update on the Man on the Run. The families of his many victims are demanding answers to some questions. The resignation of key officials by yet another section.


They want to know. Did he, his victims with kindness consume? Or was it something in his perfume? Did he yearn after his long lost sister? On his heart was there a blister? They want to know.


Did he steal their souls in mid dream? Did he answer their silent scream? Did he share his body and blood? Did he give them absolution unplugged? They want to know.


Did he bring hope to the cheated and childless? Did he bring a glow to the gamblers and guileless? They want to know.


Did he rob from the rich to give to the sick? Did he give the suffering his usual sales pitch. They want to know.


And now for our final news bulletin on the man on the run. He has been found, disguised as a teacher of Zen and told to give himself up on the count of 10.


10-9, still no sign. 8-7, tears in heaven, 6-5, this is TNL live. 4-3, can he break free? 2-1, is this the end of the Man on the Run?


Open fire!


this will be performed by:


check out dominic’s blog on my blogroll for pix from today’s publicity shoot for the show. it’s all very last minute, so we couldn’t get everyone, but we did manage to get erroll to come by – he’s the guy who inspired masii (mike) to write ‘looking through my earphones: erroll’s story’.


































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