mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

post mortem

if you caught the last show, which was at 9.15 friday night, then you caught the production at its peak. it certainly was my favourite show. everything came together beautifully – especially ‘fashion tv’. check out new pix.
we had sound problems with t’fashion tv’ for the two other shows, and it almost broke my heart. i know ryan almost cried the first night, and i felt so bad for them. but the beauty of the movement prevailed right throughout. and we fixed the problem in time for the second night. performing over a music track is very difficult though, and bless them, they were sublime last night.

the second show (8pm friday) lacked a litlle lustre in my opinion. but not in the opinion of our audience, which is the main thing. i guess i’ve seen it so often, that i underestimate the effect the pieces have on people. some of the audience blatantly thought they were here for a fairly run-of-the-mill poetry reading. a lot of them were completely enchanted by what they saw and heard instead. what a great feeling that is…when people come up and thank you for something completely unexpected. i could see the surprise in their eyes, and they all said they wanted more. so i’m already harrassing masii to write more.

the 3rd show was so fine. such a pity we had to end. i have always felt that long runs are the way forward, and this only confirmed it. the performers peaked individually and as a group and their energy was amazing. once that kind of synergy is reached it has to be sustained, but all too often here for plays and poetry, we don’t have enough audiences to sustain long runs. but i believe they are vital for the performers’ development. they were on such a buzz last night, that we all wanted to do it again and again.

there were a few technical issues, that i can shrug at now but which really pissed me off (risks of low budget productions: tech equipment tends to be temperamental. right, learned that lesson then!)

i hate it when a show closes : ) bittersweet. very bittersweet. thank you, thank you and thank you again to everyone who was involved. it was beautiful.
so the deal is, we’ll be doing more and more local writers. and i’ll be limiting my audiences to about 50 people per show. that way, we can run for at least a week, which will be good for cast and audience.

if you are a writer, or know someone who does, and who wants to get their stuff performed, contact us at: mindadventures.theatre@gmail.com



  Electra wrote @

it was great great great.

i personally really admire and respect you and your work, as mushy as that sounds.

  Ravana wrote @

Erm… Coomerene Rodrigo’s stuff reads pretty well on WriteClique.net. Maybe you could consider performing some of that, if MASii doesn’t come up with enough new stuff fast enough to feed the appetite of the hungry niche? A potential problem maybe that CR’s stuff is not narrative poetry, unlike MASii’s, so it may not lend itself as well to stage. Anyway, exploring writeclique.net is likely to reveal soime hidden gems methinks.

And no, I am not Coomerene Rodrigo.

  Tariq wrote @

Fabulous, absolutely fabulous… from the casting right down to the interpretation I had a great evening. I must admit I had high expectations and am happy to say I was not let down.

I was there for the 8 pm Show and you’re right about Ryan and Anushka’s piece, the technical problems distracted the audience… well at least I was (thank you tv) and it didn’t leave an impression quite like the others did.

IMHO Sean was the standout (for me at least)… when you first posted the poem the person I pictured then was the person I saw on stage… brilliant.

Nimmi was of course amazing but then it’s Nimmi so you shouldn’t expect anything else.. Having said that I did prefer her first reading over the second… I think the poem makes a greater impact when the performer comes across as angry/frustrated rather than ridiculing the situation.

My favourite though was the ensemble peice and no it’s because Jehan was in it…. It’s very hard to pull off an ensemble piece I imagine but the tiiming felt right and the delivery was spot on.

Overall great job Tracy, looking forward to more shows.

  lavan wrote @


Dear Ms.Holsinger,
I caught the 8pm show on the 19th&was pretty impressed by Mikes verse&the whole production.Congratulations2 u all&hope that the proposed monthly event at the “foot” comes through.
Best Wishes,

  Yankovitch wrote @


  the experimental kind of pet wrote @

5.21.06, omigosh, may the stars receive thanks a milion times over that you’re not who you say you’re not! I most assuredly would have been horrified if, upon closing of eyes during makeouts, she had morphed in to a man!

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