mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

heading for the hills

‘lookin’ thru my earphones’ goes on the road!

admittedly, it could be the only road out of town this kid will travel, but it’s a start.

It’s also a good time to fix things that went wrong at the foot (which is how the husband and i refer to barefoot), and here’s a tip for those getting into the business of the wonderful wild world of entertainment.

Lesson No.1: always ALWAYS hire GOOD lighting and sound equipment, especially if a live audio element is involved.

so where was i? that’s right, we’re getting on the road, revving up our engines and heading to the hills.

the british council in kandy, to be more precise. they’ve invited us to perform on the 8th of july and we’re very happy about that. the more people that see how cool modern poetry can be,the better.

we’re taking a short break right now though. i’m directing ‘a comedy of errors’ for ladies’ college – the semis are on the 13th of june. nimmi is heading off to london. sean and tash are getting married! so all in all, everyone kinda busy. we’ll probably get together closer to the date and rehearse, maybe also change some of the interpretation, and hopefully masii will have wriiten something else that we can add on.



  mouse wrote @

Tracy and co,
Your efforts were brilliant and I am now a convert to the idea that poetry can be worth something to more than the person who writes it. Courage, love, and success to you!

  Sophist wrote @

Hey cool man. Is it the same excerpt they had ages ago? Remember when we had the real twins and all that. Fabulous bloody play. Is it the first farce ever written…I don’t know. I want to come see a dress.

  daytripper wrote @

no, is not same excerpt. i set that one years ago. good bloody memory you have. this time, we’re allowed to choose form wherever in the play we like. i chose act 4.

  lace wigs wrote @

there is an ancient indian document called the NATYA SHASTRA, it is an ancient explanation of all that goes on in theatre. theatre is sacred.

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