mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

the inspiration, the cause

people always ask me why our theatre company has such an obscure name that some might not always remember.

growing up in london in the mid to late 90s, i experimented and experienced things which culminated in an education far beyond what the hallowed portals of ladies' college had prepared me for. we were so sheltered.

then !blam! at age 19, all alone in old blighty, attending a fairly leftist, extremely progressive liberal arts college that had previously produced the likes of mary quant, vivienne westwood, damien hirst, julian clary, blur and sex pistols band members, amongst countless others.

it's also where i discovered kula shaker, jamiroquai, massive attack, galliano, blur, oasis, des'ree, alanis,seal, prince (again), terence trent d'arby, nirvana, portishead, bjork, finley quaye and of course…the beatles(again).

and for the first time in my life, people who were on the same wave length as i was. a tight knit group of friends who made me feel that i belonged, that i was home. together we adventured everywhere and into everything. fell over a lot. laughed, cried, raged a lot. voted labour.

1998 – came back at 24 to find everything changed. i had missed a revolution here. missed steve, feroze and jerome's ground breaking work, adam and nafeesa's super polished productions, the rise of nimmi, ruwanthie, jehan aloysius, michelle perera, john benedict…

i was all at sea, confused, bemused and fleeing a turbulent relationship. 'widows' was a lifeline. where i met michelle, karen, tareeq and, later in the year, akhry. by mid-1999 i knew who i wanted to start my theatre company with, and they all said yes.

and they were all happy to be on the fringe. experiment and explore. find new meanings, express different ideas, take another route to the truth. who are we? we the people?

music has always saved me, and given me answers.

i was listening to des'ree a lot when we were looking fora name for our theatre company. and that's how 'mind adventures' got its name.



  Sophist wrote @

Isn’t if depressing when you feel more at home in a foreign country than you do ‘at home’? Can’t explain…it’s just that people seem to be able to think rationally in Europe. Sigh. Real bloody downer. Thanks Trace.

  daytripper wrote @

thanks for what?

  Sophist wrote @

Thanks for depressing me…:)

  Ravana wrote @

Actually…, I’ve never heard it being expressed quite so bluntly before, but you might have a point. It’s not that their rationality necessarily leads them to correct decisions, but they respect rationality as the basis for an argument or discussion, I think.

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