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an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

shakes, the final frontier

the girls’ final of the all-island shakespeare drama competition is tomorrow evening, and for about a week now i have been able to think of nothing else.

ladies’ college’s ‘the comedy of errors’ is up against ‘romeo and juliet’ from bishops college and also from ave maria convent, negombo, and ‘as you like it’ from girls’ high school kandy.

the competition is strong. the negombo and kandy productions are the strongest i’ve seen from out-station schools in the past few years. i’ve been keeping my eye on ave maria over the past 3 or 4 years, since i’ve judged this competition a lot. and it’s cool to see how well they’re coming on. same with maris stella, negombo, who are in the boys’ final on sunday. their productions grow in maturity every year. more power to them.

this is my second year directing ladies’ college, and i’ve had a blast. we got into the final and also won the best supporting actress award. the kids have composed their own music, choreographed some of their action sequences and are handling lighting and sound. the new stage manager and her crew have really got it together.

some poeple call shakespeare all sorts of rude names, including that of plaigiarist, which is nonsense. he used other sources for inspiration, but so have a lot of storytellers. none of them has done it as briliantly as he has, taking, for instance, a little known commedia dell’arte slapstick comedy,and turning it into one of the world’s best known tragedies called ‘romeo and juliet’. eh? eh?

i always cuss his detractors, and here’s how.



  Electra wrote @

he is pretty great, but on the other hand, you get extremists that tend to slightly overrate him, in my opinion.

good luck everyone! see you tomorrow.

  Electra wrote @

oh dear……..i meant today. tonight. *shit*

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