mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

home stretch

two days to go before we hit kandy, and things are looking good.

‘lookin thru my earphones’ consists of 7 poems, 1 of which is the 12 minute narrative called ‘errol’s story’ performed by sean amarasekera. masii (mike masilamani) will be performing 3 poems titled ‘vesak’, ‘human arrow’, and ‘untitled’. nimmi has two interpretations of ‘tits’; anushka and ryan will perform ‘fashion tv’. an ensemble of nuzreth, jehan, sarah, yohan, shez, manee and rufaida will perform ‘man on the run’, a still from which made the cover of the british council newsletter. sha sha sha : )

we’re performing at mahaweli reach at 5.30pm on saturday the 8th. come and see us if you’re in town.

i’m actually a little relieved because this gives me a small reprieve. i’ve been flat out over the past 7 weeks or so, with the shakespeare comp, the wendy whatmore academy prize giving performers, the maskerade party and with preparing for this show. it’s been very tiring and i think i’ve learnt what my limits are.

it’s also been very encouraging though, and enlightening in terms of finding out if my ultimate goal is professionally viable. that is to make a living purely from drama and theatre. to have a small repetory company and perform regularly. i feel it will come together.

i’ve got a couple of ideas for my next barefoot performance and i’m looking for people. who are very good at improvising, are up to date on current affairs and can really think on their feet.

i’ve also bought the performance rights to a play called ‘chatroom’ by enda walsh, which recently ran at the national theatre in london. it’s for 6 teenagers, or people who look young enough to play teenagers : ) i’ll be holding open auditions in august. if you’re interested in either of these projects, leave your details on this post.



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me me me! and arun….

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he, he! me! 🙂

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