mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

forewarned is fore-armed

mind adventures will be holding open auditions in september for the play chatroom by enda walsh. it was most recently performed at the national theatre in london.

the audition date and venue is yet to be confirmed. if you are interested in auditioning you should memorise 2 dramatic extracts contrasting in mood and manner, which should last no more than 3-4 minutes each. you should also be able to sight read fluently.

please pass this on to anyone you think might also be interested in acting.

read on, if you’re curiosity is piqued : )

Production details at a glance:cast: 3 male, 3 female (teenagers/ people who look like and can play teenagers)

venue: lionel wendt theatre

date: march 2007

rehearsals begin december 2006. a full committment is required, and you will be paid for your efforts : ) mind now, we’re not talking bollywood, or even SLM budgets for that matter.

here’s an extract from the play:

Chatroom by Enda Walsh


There are six identical orange plastic seats in a row at the very front of the stage. There’s a two metre gap between each seat. Beside each seat on the ground is some sort of bag where the characters take out their various small props eg. bags of crisps, nail varnish, cups of tea, make-up, hair brushes…


The song ‘Oompa Loompa’ sung by the Oompa Loompas from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is heard.


Three actors appear from one side of the stage and the other three appear from the other side. They walk casually towards each other in a line, stop, turn and face the audience. From left to right they are; William, Jack, Eva, Emily, Jim and Laura. They are all about 15 years of age. They stand there for a while and look at the audience. They then look at each other. They seem to be sizing each other up in that passive aggressive teenage way. In unison they walk towards their seats and sit down.


This should all last one and half minutes. As they sit the Oompa Loompas’ song comes to an end.



William: What’s there to like about it?


Jack: It’s a classic.


William: What a single bloke lives in a castle in the middle of… where is it set again?


Jack: Film or book?


William: There’s a difference?


Jack: The film changed some details. It doesn’t matter.


William: Well it’s set where ever it’s set… and this bloke lives in his big gaff in the middle of the town. He lives with dwarfs. Nothing wrong with that. Fair whack. But they’re orange. Orange dwarfs with green hair.


Jack: And there’s only around twenty of them making the world’s supply of chocolate… none of this is meant to be realistic.


William: But why make them dwarfs?.. why make them orange in the first place?! What’s wrong with the ordinary?


Jack: It’s for children. Ordinary’s boring.



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