mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.


From the moment Ru first talked ‘Checkpoint’ in 2001, I was really hooked. It was one evening at ‘Kithu Sevana’. I can’t remember most of the people who were there that night, but I ended up working with some great people like Adam, Dylan (local theatre’s most fired actor),Shanaka, Nimmi, Ryan, Amal and Gihan, Sam, Ravin, Sharmini, Amali, Suren… sorry if I’ve left anyone out.

It’s on again this September, and I’m very happy to be part of the cast again as I haven’t been on stage since 2004.

I was happy to get involved back in 2001 mostly because I love Augusto Boal and his amazing experiments in Forum Theatre with grassroots levels of society, but also because I would be working with Nimmi for the first time since college together at Goldsmiths’.

I had already seen Tara’s play performed by Metho at an Interact comp the year before (I think) and had liked it, and working on it was heaps of fun. Pol Pot (as Ru became known) is my kind of director, and I feel very comfortable working for her because she is not didactic, and she is open to others’ ideas, and will use it to improve the concept overall, instead of trying to bury her actors alive. Collaboration. Personally, I think English Theatre could do with more of it if we are to succeed, as a community, in creating a vibrant, growing arts scene. I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t already seen it, but ‘The 24 Hour Store’ is pretty surreal. I played the Lawyer’s part, and my theme tune was ‘Pink’ by Aerosmith – I love that track, back from when Steven Tyler used to look human.

But what I really wanted to get my teeth into was the Forum stuff. I love improvisational theatre, and my personal goal is to use the technique to come up with a full-length script,(that’s how Mike Leigh does his films) in the near future.

Forum is about a lot more than that though. It’s demanding on so many levels, and it forces you as an actor to come out with the truth, there’s no way to avoid it. It was such a deeply satisfying experience to act in those, because you never knew who you would be on the night. In one show, and after the space of about 10 minutes discussion with the audience, I had to play an 8 year old Sinhalese girl who had been unwittingly racist towards a Tamil class mate, and who was now facing the repercussions.

There were some insanely intense situations on stage at times. Shanaka and I almost got to fisticuffs in one show, before Adam intervened. And there were some great one-liners that came on totally off-the-cuff like ‘get your tits out of my face’. Heh.

Anyway, there’s loads more to tell, but now is not the time (mostly because the pig is roasting. Yum)



  Turning Point and “Checkpoint” « Glean Yak wrote @

[…] Alisa and I took a few hours tonight to see “Checkpoint,” the latest brilliance in Colombo theater oops theatre. No wait, I’m going back to America: theatER, dammit. […]

  Sophist wrote @

You played that irritating goody two shoes bitch friend damn well. I should have hammered you as well.

  daytripper wrote @

fuggeddabahtit. i would have thrashed you.

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