mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

‘prof’ comes to town

professor ashley halpe has been in charge of theatre at peradeniya university for i don’t know how long. ever since i were a wee nipper (which means a fair while ago).
his productions are always thoughful, thought-provoking, stylish and uncluttered. his troupe is coming to town with a localised version of shakespeare’s ‘twelfth night’.

read on for more details.

Performed by the Kandy Players, directed by Prof.
Ashley Halpe & sponsored by the British Council, this
production is set in a Sri Lankan context using the
original Shakespeare text with some cuts and
innovative alterations. Olivia is a walauwwéhâmu,
Orsino a decadent administrator, the twins castaways
from India, Antonio a trawler captain, Feste a
kavikâraya with a rabâna, etc. The production uses a
minimalist set and features original music composed by
Bridget Halpé.

The Kandy Players started life as the Kandy British
Council Drama Club and took the present name when they
performed The Foreign Expert by E.M.W.Joseph (‘Sooty
Banda’) ten years ago. The cast and crew are young
people of Kandy and from the university, two teachers,
both British, and the Peradeniya Alumni Association

The production is in honour of E.F.C.Ludowyk, the
first Sri Lankan Professor of English and a major
contributor to drama in this country; whose birth
centenary is in October. The performance on 4 November
will be preceded by a meeting at 5.30p.m. at the
Punchi Theatre to celebrate this occasion at which
Iranganie Serasinghe, who worked with Ludowyk in the
theatre, will be the leading speaker.

Entrance Programmes available for sale at the British
Council and Punchi Theatre.

DATES : Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 November

VENUE : Punchi Theatre, Borella

TIME : 7.30 p.m.

PRICE : Rs. 500/- (adult) and Rs. 100/- (student)



  jokerman wrote @

er… i dont know how long he’s ‘been in charge of theatre at peradeniya university’ either… ever since I was a wee nipper, prof would do school plays, while thatre at pera generally managed itself!

no offense of course. i’m sure aunty bridget would LOVE to hear it your way! 🙂

  daytripper wrote @

cool, we’ll go with what you say. it’s just that every production i’ve seen from kandy, which includes some university stuff has had his influence in some way or another. perhaps the ‘been in charge’ bit was overdone : )

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