mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

are you on Laura’s side?

question: are people only moral because of the strictures of society? What happens when there is no moderation, like on the internet?


“In these rooms, words are power and you and that bitch have all the right words, haven’t you?”

Coming soon to a theatre near you.

‘Chatroom’ by Enda Walsh.

a Mind Adventures theatre company production.



  Sophist wrote @

I am most definitely on Laura’s side. She is a bird. People are only moral when they have to be. Nobody actually confesses to viewing the bestiality porn on the net. Yet there’s (supposedly…not that I know) of it around. Strange no?

  daytripper wrote @

not really strange if you consider that you can also now read for an undergraduate degree in drew barrymore. yer, that’s right. i have a friend who firmly believes that internet access should only be granted to people of a certain level of intelligence.

  SpectralCentroid wrote @

Human’s are only moral when is required. They are just another species in an eternal search/race for food and sex.

Nice bird.

  daytripper wrote @

probably more like when it’s convenient to the individual. if we’re just another species and it’s just about food and sex, why do you keep a blog?

  Electra wrote @

of course. people’s morals are constantly changing and reforming, always to their convenience. nothing wrong with this of course, its only human that nothing is set in stone. but i think as time goes by and age sets upon us, morals become more and more a fluid thing that we can more easily cast aside. as a child you have very clear ideas on moral absolutes, but as you grow things become more difficult to define.

  brandix wrote @

i don’t think that things become difficult to define, on the contrary, it’s because you can differentitate things so well that things become confusing. as a child what we are taught as right and wrong suddenly don’t seem that way anymore when we’re more mature. the problem lies within the fact that we can clearly define the right from wrong, and sometimes, the wrong seems so right, you’re lost.

  daytripper wrote @

the wrong seems more fun, is what it is sometimes. i think the older you get, the more control you think you have over things. sometimes it works out, and sometimes you get burnt. like britney ; )

  nadia wrote @

Consciencousness and morality are two different things. While our conscience is personal, morality is a social construct. What is deemed moral in one society may be immoral in another. Hence morality is fluid because our environments are constantly changing, both with place and time. The internet strips us of the anchors that the people around us tie us down with. There is freedom in its anonymity. It provides space for us to bare out what we believe to be right and wrong… our conscience.

From what I have seen, Laura seems nice and honest… but then again I could be wrong, I’ve only had a sneak preview of an act. It looks like it is going to be a fabulous show and it sucks that i’m going to miss it. Good luck guys, let your awesomeness shine!

  Sophist wrote @

I think we’re getting distracted from the original point that Laura is a bird. Beware of the Arun bugger Madame Dictator…err, I meant Director. He’s a prima bloody donna.

  Sophist wrote @

But he’s a shape ekei good actor. Heh heh…

  daytripper wrote @

i like nadia’s way of putting it. and the thing to remember is that there are no absolutes, and no one correct way of looking at things. there wouldn’t be much discussion if not, no?

sophist, you should have warned me about this arun fellow earlier. comes to my house, eats all my crisps, smokes all my fags, drinks all my vodka…

  SpectralCentroid wrote @

Fine. Food sex and pursuit of happiness. Still, who’s to say other animals don’t pursue a content and a joyous state of mind? My keeping a blog is probably similar to a dog licking its balls or a monkey scratcing an itch.

Sure, one’s conveinience plays a role, but moral behaviour is mostly forced on one by religion, rules and values defined by others. I don’t agree that morals always change. The core of it has always been the same. Its plain and simple. If it adversely affects any other living being individually or as a community, its not moral. That’s it. How each community perceives it is a different story altogether.

As a child you rely on the word of adults on what is moral behaviour, but it doesn’t stop you from being immoral if you think you can get away with it. This way of looking at moral behaviour is supposed to change when you grow up to be an adult yourself. However you are still tempted to be immoral at every time you think you can get away with it. How well and how often you fight that temptation decides your ‘goodness’ factor as a person.

All that said, as Sophist quite correctly points out we should really be focusing on the bird. I won’t mind being on her side, front or back 😉

  daytripper wrote @

her name is tehani, and you aren’t scoring any brownie points with your current angle of approach. in fact, i’d prefer if you don’t refer to my cast members as birds, or dogs, or monkeys or anything else, dude. and that goes for the sophist as well.

  SpectralCentroid wrote @

I didn’t ask for her name, there was no approach and certainly wasn’t looking for any brownie points from anyone. Just a passing comment that was meant to be a joke. Not too sure how serious you were with the comment so apologies if anyone took offence. Don’t think I called anyone a monkey or a dog, but no one can stop me from referring to anyone as a bird. 🙂 No disrespect meant.

  daytripper wrote @

accepted. ’nuff sed : )

  Sophist wrote @

Nadia’s right, in that morality and consciensousness (is that a word?) are personal and abstract. But what she forgets and SpecCen points out is that one begets the other. Morality imposed upon you by your parents, religion etc., forms your own consciousness.

Therefore the internet, by clothing us with anonymity, allows us the ‘chance to get away with’ things with otherwise might not.

Arun is appalling. Does he still wear his jeans halfway up his arse? He buggers around for eternity and on performance night pulls one out of his exposed but crack. It’s bloody annoying for a director.

Came to see you the other day. Colombohemian didn’t explain where the crisps had gone.

We say bird in an endearing fashion. Really..

  nadia wrote @

Not so much that one begets the other, but that conscienceness (ok, it was rejected by spellcheck, but it has a nice ring to it ) may be , but not always is, a reflection of the morals imposed on us. It depends on what our interpretations of those morals are. This is when it becomes personal. As children we are taught the basic distinctions of right and wrong, good and bad and we do not filter the information or interpret it because our experiences are limited. This may be the case in a number of adults too, while some people may hold their views very close to the socially accepted norms because they interpret them the same way.

What happens when our interpretations differ? When we think are parents are wrong? Or our friends are? Yes, there are times when we are brave enough to confront them and sometimes not…

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