mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

the ‘chatroom’ stage

the newest built theatre in Sri Lanka, with all super versatile features that our show will be staged on.



  brandix wrote @

wow the place looks awesome

  Sophist wrote @

Yes…but beware of the deathtrap leading into the lift at the basement. Wear covered shoes on your first visit.

  hashmil wrote @

wow!! this place is so damn cool!! i wish i got a chance to act on this stage!! i wonder how big it is though… (wide like (the too open) BMICH or small like punchi theatre? or something like the wendt?)..
PS. abt mentioning BMICH, i really dont think that is a place for drama.. this was evident at the Royal-interact shakes drama competition..

  daytripper wrote @

the stage really is great… is bigger than punchi but smaller than BMICH. personally i think it’s acrime when people stage a show there that is not a musical or a dance show. actors are wasted in a space like that, and you immediately know that it’s about the money rather than the theatre.

like sophist says though, there’s an inexplicably placed cement block in front of the elevator entrance in the car park, and a lot of us injured ourselves there last year when we did ‘checkpoint’ – i mean bleeding toes kind of injury. ew.

  hashmil wrote @

ouch! a cement block that causes bleeding toes?? what else does it have in stock??

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