mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

logging in soon




  hashmil wrote @

opening night…….. well the curtains did not open, but one thing for certain happened… the 6 actors on stage made me keep my eyes open and actually enjoy the whole play!! i usually lose concentration in the middle of the play, and do this often as a habit.. but this play was friggin awesome! there were times of laughter, times of sorrow and times of suspense.. it was a mixture of many emotions.. the six characters never saw each other during performance, but were always “chatting” with each other facing towards the audience.. and one thing i really noticed that the actors had taken their characters very seriously and had done a great job!
another reason that this play might have been a favourite to me is may be due to the fact that it’s a story light which is revolved around teenagers… and what actually happens in real life.. and the ability to relate myself in such situations..
hats off to the actors and the director! congratulations Tracy!

PS.. i’ll be coming the next two days to watch it as well!

  daytripper wrote @

thank you : ) that’s so good to hear. and thanks for helping with the design, we really appreciate it!

[…] Chatroom, directed by Tracy Holsinger and produced by Mind Adventures Theatre Company, was a refreshing departure from banal productions that usually feature in Colombo. Dealing with suicide and online communication, the script by Enda Walsh, an Irish playwright, explores the understanding of and responses to depression, suicide and ultimately, human relationships of six teenagers brought together in Internet chat rooms. […]

  Sanjana Hattotuwa wrote @


Enjoyed immensely this production and was inspired to write some thoughts on it on Groundviews. I wish Dilrukshi could have seen it with me.

Best wishes,


  daytripper wrote @

thanks sanjana, i’m so glad. and relieved : )

  Chaad wrote @

Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the play or read a copy of the script ?

  garcinia cambogia gnc stores wrote @

Outstanding quest there. What happened after?
Good luck!

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