mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

pictures from the last night of chatroom

i’ve been too nervous to write anything all this time. bitten all my nails off too. that’s what happens to a director once the show starts…there’s absolutely nothing you can do apart from watch.

people have been very kind, very supportive and given us lots of constructive suggestions.

i’m truly happy with the way things went. i love my cast, and think honestly that each one in their own way did a stellar job of keeping in character and working together, with so much energy and committment. that’s all i can ask for at the end of the day. it truly was such a satisfying experience for us all, i think.

thank you for coming, and supporting your local theatre people. more power to you.

check out deshan’s pix on our flickr.



  Electra wrote @

i lowe you.

  daytripper wrote @

the feeling is entirely mutual : )

  hashmil wrote @

chatroom was simply awesome! i really wish that i could’ve done much more, and helped more.. anyway this production has been a great experience!

thanks for sharing the pictures!

  salla wrote @

Hey trace…. It was awesome being apart of the show!!!! plus I got to watch it thrice!!!! 🙂

  daytripper wrote @

thanks for all your help arrvinda – we really appreciate it.

  Jake wrote @

Hey Trace….
Do you know if any reviews have surfaced?

  daytripper wrote @

yeah, there’s a post on this blog called chatroom reviews that has 3.

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