mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

pictures from the last night of ‘the wiz’




  nazreen wrote @

kids LOVED it.

  Ruvin wrote @


  brandix wrote @

ruvin just shut up ok… i know what you loved… now i really loved it!

  daytripper wrote @

gosh! i ALSO loved it! 🙂
thanks brandon and ruvin for crewing on the show.

  brandix wrote @

will you stop with thank yous!!! anytime and always.

  Wasaam wrote @

I had loads of fun!!! and so did everyone else in the cast! thanks for everything! It was a rocker!

  Melody wrote @

yup…we all did have alot of fun!! i miss it already..sniff sniff =( i wish i could click my silver slippers 3 times and go back to oz!!!

  Tinhead wrote @

I agree wit Brandon… Ruvin… SHUT UP!!! We all knew bout wat you loved… that goes to you to Brandon 😉

On a more serious note thanx Tracy and everyone else involved for letting us ‘ease on down the road’

Had loads of fun and I really miss the kids… Including the lil brat named Melo 🙂

Thanx again guys… and I hope I’ll get another chance to work wit ya’ll again…

  daytripper wrote @

ahem…i also know about what you all loved. heh heh heh.

miss you all very much actually – such a talented bunch. hope we can all get together for something big next year!

  Erasha wrote @

A bit late..but i thought it was great too!!! The audience in the balcony really bugged me though..but, performance was very cool.. 🙂 hats off!!and yes..my little cousins really loved it too..

  Melody wrote @

Tinhead….they are MY kids…not urs…MINE!! end of story! and omg i miss everyone so much!!! its too depressing…i think im gna cry…hehe.. yeah tracy u shd do smthn again next year! another musical!! oooooooooooooh that’ll be so COOOOOL!!!!!!! =)
and man the cast party ROCKED! hehe!
thanks again tracy for everything….we all appreciate it….hope ur doing well…oh how r the lil kiddies?
well hope u guys r all well and kicking! and tinhead…..i miss u too especially leaving claw marks on ur hand hehehe!!!!

  brandix wrote @

here here, what are all these things being said ah…. nonsense… well maybe it’s slightly true but just be quiet tinhead!!! but honestly i also miss everyone men……… snifff.

  Tinhead wrote @

ok ok…. Tinhead’s gonna zip it… Buuuuuuut before I do…. May I know if we’ll be meeting up anytime soon????

BTW Tracy, how are the lil kids???? I Still miss them 😦

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