mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

dramatic irony

i’m off to barefoot in just over an hour to meet the sponsors of ‘chatroom’. these are the people who weren’t all that excited about giving us their money before we did the first run of the show in february. then they saw the show. then they said ‘let us give you our money’. therein be the irony.

of course we said ‘whoopee! hallelujah! hand it over, bud’. so watch this space for updates on the re-run of ‘chatroom’.

i’m also very excited about a project i’ve recently gotten involved in. stagelight&magic inc are staging a season of theatre in july at the punchi theatre. i’ll be acting in a one act political comedy by one of my favourite playwrights called ariel dorfman. it’s called ‘the other side’ and it’s on in july from the 26th – 28th. i’ll be performing alongside arjuna wignarajah and pubudu jayawardene. we are directed by feroze kamardeen.

feroze and i are old friends, having known each other from the age of about 16. our theatrical interaction however – and here’s the next bit of irony – centres solely on dorfman plays. in 1998, we co-directed and starred in ‘widows’ (scroll down a bit to see article), and in 2000 we again collaborated on ‘death and the maiden’, which i directed and feroze produced. ‘widows’ brought together pretty much everyone who is a ‘name’ in english theatre company today, from mohamed adamaly, to ruwanthie de chickera, michelle perera, karen balthazaar, ifaz bin jameel, neluka silva, jehan bastians and the late john benedict. ‘death and the maiden’ starred mohamed adamaly, karen balthazaar and mario gomes.

more soon. but for now, it’s off to barefoot.



  cerno wrote @

Hope it went better than you thought it might and you are now rolling in $$ (or is Rs/) ? 🙂 I missed the first run of the show. Don’t intend to miss it again

  daytripper wrote @

yeah, it went well thanks, and although we’re not exactly rolling in it, we’re happy : )
yes, don’t miss the re-run!

  Sophist wrote @

Yaay….we get to see the Chitty girl again!!

  Romeo wrote @

I bet Feroze is at his desk right now picking the soundtrack to the play.

  daytripper wrote @

and how many smoke machines to hire ; )

  Romeo wrote @

Not to mention re-reading his signed copy of “How to over-act and destroy Shakespeare’s plays”.

Any idea what the soundtrack listing is, if any? Can we expect head-splitting versions of politically minded songs? I cringe at the thought of what Feroze could do to songs by Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.

  Ruvin wrote @

its finally happening!!! i missed you bracy!!!

  brandix wrote @

we all missed you too sesky beats!!!

  hashir wrote @

cant wait till the rerun!! yay!

  cerno wrote @

err .. so what more developments? 🙂 No comments for quite a while now?

  daytripper wrote @

‘chatroom’ re-run from 27 – 29 june at the punchi theatre. that’s the development!

  hashir wrote @

woah!!! thats awesome!!!! it starts just a day after my exams are over!!!! i’m excited!! yay!

  SweetIdiot wrote @

i’ll be ‘flangeing’ it! oh shoot, you think they have the ‘flanger’?

  daytripper wrote @

no, hon. no flange : (

  brandix wrote @

NO FLANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO! But why?

  SweetIdiot wrote @


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