mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

every soul is itself…

“let me tell you something. we are not criminals. we’ve done nothing wrong.

alan is himself. every soul is itself.


if you added up everything we ever did to him, from his first day on earth, to this…


…you wouldn’t find out why he did this terrible thing. Because he’s him. not just all our faults added up together.

i only know that he was my little boy. and then…


…the devil came.”

dora strang to martin dysart, from ‘equus’ by peter shaffer.



  hashir wrote @

this was that play Equus where Dan Radcliff was on stage naked yeah? did you go to watch it??

  beachbumm wrote @

are u doin the production??? awesome

  daytripper wrote @

no, steve de la zilwa is doing it – but am in it.

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