mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

samurai audition preparation

thanks so much to everyone who has expressed interest in the samurai audition. we’re really happy that so many of you are coming. very excited and looking forward to sunday (27th jan).

i just thought i’d give you a couple of tips for preparation, and a heads up on what the format will be. so read on if you’re auditioning.

1. this is an open audition – it means you will all be in a large hall together, and will perform in front of each other. an actor should never be put off by an audience. please do not make requests for a private audition, thats not the way we work.

2. the format – will consist of three parts: group warm up, individual performance, play readings/improvisation.

3. clothing – be sure to wear loose comfortable clothing. do not wear tight fitting jeans, skirts etc. this is a very physical play, and we will be judging your agility as well as your acting capabilities.

4. when you register, you will be given a number. at some point in the audition you may be referred to only by this number. be not a-freaked : )

5. you MUST perform one dramatic monologue (either from a play or an improvised one). THIS MUST NOT BE LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES.

6. the venue – the wendy whatmore academy of speech and drama. 5, 13th lane, col 3. its off the galle road, on the sea-side. landmarks – ‘lalsons’ and the nokia showroom.

7. the audition begins at 4pm. sharp.

good luck.


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