mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

into the woods cancelled

mind adventures will be taking time out to focus on developing two projects, and an executive decision has been taken to drop ‘into the woods’ from this year’s plans.

we have created a package for schools, which includes the performance of the play ‘samurai’ accompanied by workshops in physical theatre, stage make up, and building voice for performance.

if you are interested in the full details, leave a comment here with your contact details, and we will get in touch. please note this is a youth theatre project aimed at an age group of 10 – 15 year olds.

we will also be focusing a lot of our energy on developing the script for ‘the boy who spoke in numbers’ with the writers mike masilamani (masii) and sunila galapatti. this project and the production of it, will be our main focus for the next 2 years at least.

we will also be putting in several smaller revues and variety shows in order to raise funds for ‘mind adventures’.

mind adventures is also very happy to have two new permanent company members in tehani chitty and nuzreth jalaldeen.


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