mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

make love not war

interesting developments have been keeping us busy recently. we’ve now started a programme for school drama societies featuring our youth theatre show and workshops on acting. we sold our show ‘samurai’ to st.peter’s college PTA, but due to the machinations of a terribly disturbed chap associated with the school, we’ve decided not to pursue the project.

we’ve been on our toes, with our backs to the wall. some of us have been keeping a close check on our brake wires. and since we’re lovers not fighters…we are going to spread love not blood.

so begins a new adventure.

here’s a sample. this was written about three years ago by ‘masii’. we performed a different piece by him called ‘lookin thru my earphones’ in colombo and kandy in 2006. we are seriously in love, and want to make babies with his work.

i’ll be posting a few of the pieces over the next few weeks. the show is scheduled for the end of october.

any suggestions on how we could secure financial aid are welcome : )


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