mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

the new show

we are beginning work on a show featuring free verse poetry, written by ‘masii’. you can find examples of his work in our ‘categories’. those of you who caught the barefoot or british council kandy performances of ‘lookin thru my earphones’ will remember how groovy his work is. this show will follow a similar format in that it will consist of 2 large pieces interspersed with some of his shorter works.

there will be two definite segments. the first half will feature ‘batta’ and accompanying pieces which focus on war/ethnicity/human rights. ‘batta’ is the local term for the game hopscotch, and is also slang for landmines. the work is set during harvest time in september, which is statistically the month where the largest number of landmine incidents occur in sri lanka. the victims are usually farmers and their families.

the second segment is a major handbrake turn in direction. ‘last dance at the cyclone’ is set in a nightclub and features all the characters you’d typically find on a night out in colombo (all fictitious – any resemblance to actual people or places is purely coincidental). it’s cheeky and sexy, but also shows a darker side to society and the party culture. it will be performed as a musical.

venue and dates are as yet unconfirmed, however the current plan is to have the show on at the end of october .

auditions may happen. we have approached specific people for this production, but all the pieces have not been cast. watch this space for news on casting.


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