mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

the charactor


gihan de chickera rose to stardom literally overnight. ‘checkpoint – three strangely normal plays’ was devised and directed by ruwanthie de chickera (gihan’s sister) and produced by the stages theatre group. it has the distinction of being the longest running production in english theatre today, and has toured extensively at home and internationally. this production established gihan as the most versatile, gifted actor on the stage that anyone had seen in a while.

a born character- actor with an amazing sense of pace, coupled with  physical alertness and agility. he has great natural rhythm and a languid air that completely belies his capacity to electrify.  he has it all – the focus, the dedication and the stamina.

sustaining a one man-show as tough as ‘last bus’ is a lonely business. you have no one to bounce off, no one to rely on onstage, and playing multiple roles accompanied by varying accents and physicality is something not many actors will attempt. it is exhausting and punishingly demanding – especially if you are a relentless perfectionist and your own harshest critic – as gihan is. i have watched the show countless times, and have always been moved by something new he has managed to bring to every performance

gihan’sprevious performances include lead roles in ‘ubu rex‘ for mind adventures; also   ‘two times two is two’‘the mirror-making factory’ and ‘a poet, a puppet and pappadam’ – all written, devised and directed by ruwanthie de chickera.

gihan crossed over into film last year, playing with sensitivity the role of manoj in machan, written by ruwanthie de chickera and uberto pasolini, and directed by pasolini.

the political cartoons he pens for the daily mirror reveal his gift for satire and dry humour. and although he comes across as a quiet, unassuming chap, there’s many a cast party that’s made all the more memorable when gihan gets his groove on.


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check out where I have placed Gihan de Chickera in my post “Nice Kids of Famous People”!!!


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