mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

the big voice

dilrukshi fonseka

trained in singing by the legendary maryanne david, and in drama by my mother wendy holsinger, dilrukshi fornseka has a quality of voice that is hard to match.  she grew up on a diet of music, theatre and poetry, honing her skills from a very young age.

she is a born speaker. in fact, she won sri lanka’s all-island toastmasters competition quite early on in life.  if she were on a cricket team, she’d be the all-rounder. her vocal range and expression are hard to beat, be it singing or speech; she dances well and moves with a lithe grace.

dilrukshi’s  most recent stage performance was as mrs. johnstone in the workshop player’s ‘blood brothers’ two years ago. the role of the mrs.johnstone requires controlled playing; actors can quite easily make the mistake of indulging in melodrama. dilrukshi’s restraint and understanding of the role was just right, the touches of humour and pathos endearing her to the audience, and winning her critical praise.

a disciplined, committed actor, who plays with sensitivity, strength and conviction. dilrukshi and i have a long history of working together. she performed in my directorial debut ‘the album’ (she was 16, i was 18 ) in 1992. dil has also previously performed with mind adventures in the production of rae shirley’s ‘a merry regiment of women’ staged in 2002 at barefoot – our first venture into dinner theatre – where she played cleopatra.

dilrukshi performs ‘what’re you doing right now’ and ‘tits’ amongst others in ‘lookin thru my earphones’.

check our flickr for pix from the dress rehearsal.



  Claus wrote @

I like to marry this woman!

  Sanjana Hattotuwa wrote @

Careful what you wish you Claus.

  Claus wrote @

Why u say that!

I am holiday here in your beautiful island.

very nice.

Very nice people.

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