mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

lookin thru then and now

‘lookin thru my earphones’ was first performed at barefoot, and for the british council book buzz series (colombo and kandy) in 2006. of the original cast, only jehan mendis and nuzreth jalaldeen remain. only 4 pieces from the ’06  show made it into this new production.

here’s a ‘then’ and ‘now’ look at how these pieces have changed.

‘fashion tv’ was first performed with ryan holsinger and anushka pereira sharing the lines, and was spoken over a track by dzihan and kamien titled ‘slowhand hussein’. it looked like this:


it is now performed solely by jehan mendis (accompanied by dilrukshi fonseka) and looks like this:


‘tits’ was first performed by nimmi harasgama, and looked like this:


it is now performed by nuzreth jalaldeen and dilrukshi fonseka, and looks like this:


the ensemble piece ‘man on the run’ used to look like this:


and now looks like this:


‘errol’s story’ parts I,II and III were performed by sean amarasekera:


parts I, II and III are now performed respectively by gihan de chickera, jake oorloff and tehani chitty:





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