mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

an origins story

this month we have mostly been devising. after ten years of doing other people’s plays, we finally felt the time is right to do something of our own.

devised theatre is the way forward. we’re a bit in the dark at the moment, since its the first time we’ve attempted doing a show this way. fortunately, i have a strong cast, full of actors i admire and enjoy working with.

the project is tentatively titled ‘sinhabahu’, but will probably change. it began in early may when subha brought the human rights watch report of feb ’09 to my attention. one cannot help but feel outrage and pity when reading the testimonials of people who have been caught up in the worst of the conflict, and who have had to deal with situations we will never have to face.

on reading the report, and in the aftermath of the goverment’s ‘victory’ over the ltte, i became very interested in the concept of ‘identity’. specifically, how identity is related to and used in conflict. it is the basis, after all, on which this war has been fought and won.

its a question of timing, and for us, it has been quite serendipitous. our decision to stage a devised show coincided with a visit to sri lanka of an old school friend of mine, thusitha jayasundera, who has been working in theatre in london for nearly 20 years now. she conducted an incredibly eye-opening workshop on aspects of devised theatre and story telling which has put us on the path to creating a story through which we hope to deal with several issues that we as a group feel very strongly about.

so it is with a sense of hope and liberation that we begin this new adventure.

i am very interested, and hope you can help me in relation to one particular aspect. i am looking for tamil folk tales, myths or legends in relation to sri lanka. i am not looking for those based/originated in india, as we have come across plenty of those. i am looking for something that has originated in sri lanka. an actual event, a superstition, or story or urban myth…anything really. leave your comments here, and we will contact you.



  lennie wrote @

if you are looking for a london producer, please email me.

  D wrote @

Can any induvidual take part in the production?

  daytripper wrote @

no, sorry. i have already decided on the cast. but if you have a story or experience you would like o share, you’re very welcome to join us at a rehearsal.

  Rajeev Aloysius wrote @

This blog contains a reference that you might find interesting.


I am not certain whether it is exactly a folk tale or a legend.

Best Regards
Rajeev Aloysius

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