mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

Mind Adventures’ New Work

The Sunethra Bandaranaike Trust, which supports young artists in the performing arts, this year has chosen two English Theatre companies in Colombo as the recipients of a special grant to create an original work of theatre.

Mind Adventures is honoured to be one of these companies, alongside Floating Space, co-created by Jake Oorloff and Ruhanie Perera. Both plays will go on stage in an event titled (Un)Making Time in April 2011.

Mind Adventures is currently at work creating a work of Devised Theatre. This new production, as yet untitled, will ask the questions – is it possible for a narrative, particularly of the historical kind, to be unbiased? And if not, whose version do we accept as the truth? Is it important to create a singular historical narrative in order to move forward? And in doing so, do we run the risk of ignoring the needs of the individual?

Drawing inspiration from various works of literature and film, and experimenting with methodologies developed by some of the pioneers of Devised Theatre, this production tells different versions of one tale, using the device of the Unreliable Narrator.

This production will also experiment with several theatrical devices and forms, such as puppetry, shadow-play, physical theatre, and various traditions of story-telling.

This will be Mind Adventures’ second attempt at Devised Theatre – their first was The Travelling Circus (November 2009). The Travelling Circus was adapted from a short story written by MASii, titled The Boy Who Spoke in Numbers. However, the new production is entirely original, with the characters and story developed entirely through improvisational story and character building exercises.

The cast comprises of Tracy Holsinger, Arun Welendawe-Prementilleke, Tehani Chitty, Subha Wijesiriwardena, Brandon Ingram, Ruvin de Silva, Venuri Perera, Benjamin Aluwihare and Kimaya de Silva.

The performance will go on board 7-12 April at the Punchi Theatre.

See here for photos of a rehearsal. Thanks to Deshan Tennekoon for the photos.
This rehearsal was held at Villa Maggona. Thank you to Madhura and Jenny for their space and hospitality.


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[…] explain why it is called that, here. The other play in [Un]Making Time is by Floating spaces theatre company. It’s called My Other History. More info on that one […]

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