mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

words from a friend

mike masilamani is a poet better known in writing circles as masii. he has a very close connection to mind adventures, as we have staged his work ‘lookin’ thru’ my earfones’ four times now around the country at different events. his short story ‘the boy who spoke in numbers’ formed the base of our first devised play ‘the travelling circus’ in 2009. here, he gives us his thoughts on ‘rondo’.

“exquisite-that’s the word that comes to mind in describing the performance of ‘rondo’ i saw last nite. a perfectly balanced cast- each filling their given role, without the usual over acting- subha, ruvin and arun in particular, if i were to unfairly pick a few to illustrate my point- and a script i wish i had written myself.

imagine my surprise in discovering that the script had come from the cast themselves!

i am not given to heaping praise where it is not deserved,( particularly when good friends are involved) but mind adventure theater company, take a bow- u have come of age!

for those of u who haven’t seen it- it s on today and tomorrow at the punchi theatre, borella.”


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