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an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

Act Before You Think Season 2 – Call for Teams!

We’re now gearing up for a second season of everyone’s favourite theatre games event, Act Before You Think!

Act Before You Think 2011 is a competition of live, improvised theatre, along the lines of famous TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? Here, teams can compete against each other in a series of fun, theatre-based challenges – with a winning team walking with exciting prizes each night. An eclectic panel of judges, comprising of well-known theatre personalities, critics and other artists will judge the teams for wit, humour, intelligence and creativity.

Teams will have to think fast and think creatively – or effectively act before they can even think! Add to that a dash of audience participation and a handful of surprise challenges and you have Act Before You Think, the theatre games event that had Colombo audiences in stitches last October.

Join us for quirky, weird and hilarious fun.

We’re now calling teams to sign up. Email us at daytripperinfo@gmail.com if you’re interested and we will in turn send you an application form.

The Criteria:

1. The main criteria is that we have none! Anyone can sign-up! Experience in theatre not necessary.

2. You must sign-up in teams of four (4), with a team leader picked amongst yourselves.

3. Act Before You Think 2011 will take place in August 2011, so ensure that each of you is free to participate during this time.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



  Jamie wrote @

August or September ? :S

  daytripper wrote @


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