mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

Our July Show Cancelled – ABYT Afoot.

To all our friends,

It is with sadness that we announce that we have decided to cancel the new show that was due to go on stage in July 2012.

As you may know, we have been working hard on this new play since earlier this year. We have been updating our friends through our Facebook page and our blog regularly. Since we began meeting in February this year, the new show – which was an original piece based loosely around a Jathaka story, the Valahassa Jathakaya – went through several stages of transformation and change.

We worked for months, attempting to create something that we could align confidently with Mind Adventures’ philosophy: creating theatrically inventive, politically conscious theatre.

There were days when we had a new play practically every day! There were days when we produced nothing worth using on stage. That is the nature of devising.  We were blessed to be working with an experienced, versatile and disciplined cast and crew, who were able to embrace every new change and every new phase of the process, along with every new incarnation of the show. However, in the last few weeks, we had begun feeling the theatrical equivalent of a severe case of ‘writer’s block’.

The added stress of being unable to secure substantial funding for the kind of theatre we make also served to heighten the strain we began to feel as our production deadlines loomed ever closer.

We worked hard on this show, as with every other show, and it was something that was very close to all our hearts. This has not been an easy decision to make.

Ultimately, we believe in creating meaningful, truthful theatre that challenges us, as well as our audiences. It is integral to us that we maintain our standards, values and philosophy in everything we create. And therefore, while it is with sadness that we make this announcement, it is also with confidence that this is the right decision for this moment in time.

Mind Adventures needs to thank some very special people in particular, for bearing with the process, and giving everything dedicatedly to every devising session for so many months:

Nushelle de Silva
Sulochana Dissanayake
Thilini Perera
Sarah Kester

In the meantime, we are gathering steam to produce another edition of Act Before You Think! We will be back very shortly with more information about our future plans. Thank you for your support.

Please contact us at daytripperinfo@gmail.com for more information.

Thank you,

The Mind Adventures Team.
Tracy Holsinger
Subha Wijesiriwardena
Ruvin de Silva
Tehani Chitty
Brandon Ingram
Nuzreth Jalaldeen
Ryan Holsinger


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