mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

‘at the end of the world*’ begins

*at least, that’s what i’m calling it for now.

the trouble with having too many ideas is choosing which to keep and which to throw.  so begins the process for our new show.

the story doesn’t exist right now. but i have a good idea of how to start. i think i know how to tell it.

last october i began experimenting with a style that had intrigued me since i saw 1927’s ‘the devil and the deep blue sea ‘, which they performed here some years ago. i was absolutely enchanted by shadow theatre. i experimented with the form very tentatively in 2008’s ‘samurai‘, and tried my best to use it in last year’s ‘rondo’ – but it didn’t take.

then when i had to make something for the bunka awards, i decided to go for it and came up with a piece that we decided to call ‘untitled 3’ because it sounded pretentious and there were 3 people in the piece. it was a creepy little piece about manipulation inspired by a bit of text from caryl churchill’s play ‘the skryker’.

so now i’m more confident with the style and utterly happy because 1927 is back in town again. they’re performing ‘the animals and children took to the streets‘ on the 28th and 29th of february at the british school, tickets are at the british council. do not miss this show – they are simply inspiring.

so using shadow theatre, we’re making a play about a royal family that lived a long time ago in a kingdom by the sea. the conquering king is old and ailing and no legal heir exists. court intrigue and uneasy alliances abound,while a new voice rouses the vanquished to revolt…or it could be something completely different.

come what may, we’re on our way.



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