mind adventures

an experimental theatre company set up in sri lanka in 1999.

Mind Adventures workshops at Warehouse Project

Mind Adventures has forged its latest partnership – with The Warehouse Project (WP). Run by a team of dynamic, young individuals The Warehouse Project is an on-going project that is aiming to build an inner-city development centre in Maradana. WP has ownership of one large warehouse in Maradana (right opposite the Elphinstone Theatre) from which it runs its current operations.

WP hopes, with this warehouse, to create a space where children and young people from different social backgrounds can interact with each other. Their work comprises mainly of community-building projects which enable the people of the area to benefit in the long-term from the activities of WP. WP is attempting to build a sustainable relationship with the community of the area. WP is currently involved in a series of projects which they are hoping will benefit the youth and the children of Colombo – both privileged and under-privileged – and meanwhile hopes to create social awareness within both groups by bringing them together in various fun activities.

When Mind Adventures first met with the Warehouse Project, it was obvious that we had the same values. It was also fairly obvious how we could get involved in their projects.

We felt that what WP was doing was admirable and interesting, and we also felt strongly that it was time we as a Company got out there to share whatever we know with others. WP offered us the perfect opportunity – we agreed to run a workshop in theatre and drama once every month, for the children of the community that WP works with, as well as other children from more privileged backgrounds. The workshops are drama and theatre-based, with elements of movement and drama therapy and are designed to engage 10-18 year olds.

WP has been very kind to facilitate these workshops. All we’ve done is get together actors and other performance artists to run these workshops. The two we’ve done so far have been very successful. For workshop leaders, we’ve drawn from within the Company as well as outside – ensuring that they are all diverse in their talents and skills, while also being experienced and highly accomplished in their own specific fields, such as dance, acting and movement therapy.

Go here and here for pictures of the workshops completed so far.

If you can’t view the images on Facebook, visit our Flickr page to see them!

Join the Warehouse Project’s Facebook Group today for more information on their projects and activities.

Write to us at daytripperinfo@gmail.com or contact us on our Facebook Group if you or anyone you know might want to join the next workshop, or know any children who do!


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